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Please keep in mind that this project has been dead for several years!

Mega Man 5 for PC

Current progress
Upcoming demo 2
Introduction: 10% Menues (select stage, etc): 66%
Stages: 0% Robot masters: 6%
Fortress bosses: 0% Graphics: 8%

6% done

This is the main information page about the upcoming Mega Man 5 for PC game, to follow the progress of the work. I do not know when the next version of the game will be out.

About the game

This game is mainly a remake of the original Mega Man 5 for the old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The NES is vastly outdated nowadays, but I still want to play those classic games, with better features. Capcom Japan tried to do an upgraded version of the game, in the Rockman Complete Works series, and they did good, but I felt like it would be possible to do more. So, here I am, trying to recreate this old classic. The game will have upgraded graphics and music, as well as some new features that weren't in the original game.

The game should be available in two versions: an Internet one, downloadable from this website, and done as small as possible for easy download. The second one will be on a CD, which will be ordered from this website, when available. The CD edition will have MP3 music, instead of MIDIs for the Internet version, and will include some more bonuses. You cannot order yet, sorry.

System requirements

  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000
  • A resolution of 800 x 600, with thousands of colors (mode 16 bits or highter)
  • A "recent" computer. Pentium 300 or highter should do the job. The fastest your computer, the best the game will run. I'm testing the game with a Pentium II 333 MHz, 32 Megs of RAM and a Celeron 550 MHz, 128 Meg of RAM.

More information will be added as it becomes available.