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The current chatroom in use for this site is a web-based system powered by X7 Chat. It allows you to access the chat from anywhere, even behind most firewalls, without installing any extra software.

To join the chat, you have to use your forums login information. If you aren't registered already, then you'll need to do so before entering the room.

The chatroom is subject to the same rules as the other sections of the website. If you're not already familiar with them, you can review them on this page. Failure to follow the rules will subject you to either a kick or a permanent ban from the chat. Moderators in the chatroom are marked with a Cossack logo besides their username.

Keep in mind that I won't always be in the chatroom. It's also likely that other users, while being connected, are idle: if they don't reply to you within a few minutes, they are most likely busy with something else.

Enter the chatroom

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