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Hello, artists and visitors alike, and welcome to the Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack's Lab Oekaki Board! This is a drawing community allowing you to draw pictures directly online, submit them for others to see, then receive feedback on your efforts. You're also invited to comment on other people's pictures.

This board's main theme, obviously, is Mega Man. Unrelated images are also welcome as long as you keep the board's theme into mind and contribute to it once in a while. The picture set is aimed at a general audience, and no adult-only themes are present within.

To participate, you'll have to register. It's quick, easy, and free, and enables you to access the drawing applets and the commenting options. Before moving on, please take the time to read the board rules and announcements so you know what to expect, and what we're awaiting from you. For any questions, you might want to check the FAQ, which already covers some recurring themes.

This community is powered by IOekaki v1.6.2, designed and coded by Dr. Cossack, the main administrator. This system includes several tools and features, some of which aren't found anywhere else.

We all hope that you'll enjoy yourself here! The community is friendly and open to providing feedback to help you improve.

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